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Preventing high-risk pregnancy complications.
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Elythea is a machine learning tool specifically designed to identify expecting mothers who are at a high risk of pregnancy complications weeks in advance of delivery.

It aims to improve maternal healthcare by addressing preventable pregnancy complications and reducing pregnancy-related deaths. Elythea focuses on various complications, including postpartum hemorrhage, preterm labor, preeclampsia, eclampsia, and failed vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

The tool offers a three-step process. Firstly, it seamlessly integrates with your electronic health record (EHR) system, whether it is cloud-based or on-premises, minimizing administrative effort.

Secondly, Elythea analyzes patient demographics, medical history, and existing clinical risk factors to promptly identify high-risk mothers throughout their pregnancy, starting from the first visit.

Lastly, it provides evidence-based recommendations to healthcare providers, enabling early intervention and counseling to prevent expensive complications.Elythea boasts a substantial amount of patient data, with over 300 million data points used in model training.

The tool achieves prediction accuracy of up to 85% and an AUC ROC score of up to 0.85. It has been utilized in clinical studies conducted in multiple countries.The team behind Elythea includes its founder and CEO, Reetam Ganguli, who has substantial experience in the medical field, and Rishik Lad, the co-founder and CTO, who previously worked as a machine learning engineer.

The advisory team consists of medical professionals and machine learning experts.Overall, Elythea aims to improve maternal outcomes, contain healthcare costs, and simplify the lives of healthcare providers by offering a partnership to health providers, employers, and plans.


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Pros and Cons


Identifies high-risk pregnancies
Reduces pregnancy-related deaths
Focuses on various complications
Integrates with EHR systems
Analyzes patient demographics
Analyzes medical history
Identifies risks early in pregnancy
Offers evidence-based recommendations
Utilizes 300+ million data points
85% prediction accuracy
0.85 AUC ROC score
Used globally in clinical studies
Experienced team
Seeks to contain healthcare costs
Minimizes administrative effort
Facilitates early intervention
Targets preventable pregnancy complications
Cross platform EHR compatibility
Offers partnership to health providers
Addresses preeclampsia & eclampsia
Addresses VBAC failures
Addresses postpartum hemorrhage
Addresses preterm labor
Can aid in reducing NICU admissions
Addresses maternal outcomes
Substantial patient database
Aims to lower hospitalization costs
Designed for high-risk mothers
Designed specifically for maternal healthcare
Highly specialized tool
Aims to simplify healthcare provider's lives


Limited to specific pregnancy complications
Accuracy only up to 85%
Dependent on EHR integration
No mobile application mentioned
Potential for false positives
Requires extensive patient history
Only serves pregnant women
Accessible to medical professionals only
Prediction not 100% reliable
Unclear data protection measures


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How accurate is Elythea's prediction model?
What kind of data does Elythea use to train its model?
What are the steps involved in the Elythea process?
Can Elythea be used in any country?
What are the evidence-based recommendations provided by Elythea?
How does Elythea help to reduce pregnancy-related deaths?
What are the benefits of using Elythea in healthcare?
How does Elythea help to contain costs in healthcare?
How does Elythea's prediction accuracy compare with other tools?
What is an AUC ROC score and how do I interpret Elythea's AUC ROC score?
What are the credentials of Elythea's founder, Reetam Ganguli?
Can Elythea be used by health providers, employers and plans?
In which clinical studies has Elythea been utilized?
What is the strength of Elythea in preventing postpartum hemorrhage?

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