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Fast, professional email composition assistance.
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Email Generator is a tool that enables users to generate personalized emails using just a few words. The user can select the language and the voice tone of the email from a list of available options.

Additionally, the user can choose the word limit of the email. The tool has generated over 27,170 emails thus far. The tool's main focus is on generating professional emails.

It is easy to use and does not require any coding skills or technical knowledge. Users can simply input a few words or phrases, and the generator quickly creates an email using the selected voice tone, language, and word limit.

The tool is designed to save time for individuals who need to write emails quickly and efficiently. It can also be helpful for individuals who struggle with writing emails or those who are not fluent in the language they need to write in.

The tool is available online and can be accessed through a web browser. Email Generator is developed by Basim Hennawi, who is credited with the primary authorship of the tool.

The website provides a link to his personal website and social media profiles, where users can learn more about him and his work. Users are also encouraged to support the tool's development by buying the developer a coffee.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized email creation
User-defined language selection
Voice tone options
Set word limit functionality
No coding skills needed
Assistance for non-fluent writers
Accessible through web browser
Developer details available
Support development option
Professional tone focus
Can generate vast emails
Supports various languages
Multiple voice tone options
Automated email creation
Supports short email creation
Easy Switch between languages
Quick email drafting
Helpful for language learners
Useful for quick communication
Transparency in tool development
No software download required
Social media channels available


No mobile app
Limited language options
No offline mode
Limited style options
No integrations with email clients
No import functionality
Restricted word limit
No usage analytics
Developer support potentially limited
No collaboration features


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How can I support the development of Email Generator?
Is Email Generator beneficial for professionals?
Can Email Generator help those who struggle with email writing?
Who is the target audience of Email Generator?
What is the 'Buy me a coffee' tab on Email Generator website?
Can i select the voice tone of my email?
Where can I learn more about the developer of Email Generator?
How does Email Generator save time for users?
Can I access Email Generator from my web browser?
How quick is Email Generator in generating emails?


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