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EmailWhiz organizes and optimizes email productivity.
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EmailWhiz for Gmail™ is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline email management and improve productivity. With this tool, users can condense lengthy emails into key points, allowing them to save time and quickly grasp essential information from email messages.

Additionally, EmailWhiz offers relevant reply suggestions based on the context of emails, enabling users to respond faster and communicate more effectively.The tool also helps users stay organized by automatically creating follow-up tasks based on the content of emails.

By identifying action items and suggesting follow-up tasks, EmailWhiz ensures that important tasks are not overlooked. Furthermore, EmailWhiz has the capability to extract and save contact information from emails, eliminating the need for manual data entry and tedious parsing.

This feature allows users to easily collect contact details, including names, titles, organizations, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and websites.EmailWhiz also enables users to extract and save key details from emails for future reference.

This includes important information such as names of people mentioned, key dates, decisions made, commitments offered or requested, action items, and important numbers.

By efficiently capturing and organizing these details, users can easily access and retrieve important information without having to search through their emails.Overall, EmailWhiz for Gmail™ offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance email management and productivity.

It is powered by Google Vertex AI PaLM, a large language model grounded in responsible AI practices. The tool is seamlessly integrated into Gmail, providing users with a convenient and efficient email management experience.

EmailWhiz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 20th 2023.
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