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Note-taking and mind mapping for knowledge management.
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Emberly is a web-based AI-powered tool that integrates note-taking and mind mapping features in one place. Emberly helps users organize notes, files, and bookmarks visually in nodes, making it easy to access and locate information.

With the AI-driven mind map feature, users can generate mind maps to kick-start their creativity, and the automatic quizzes function enhances learning by generating quizzes from notes.

Emberly also comes with an AI writing assistant that can help with brainstorming, summarizing notes, and writing. Emberly's collaborative editing feature allows users to work together in real-time, while the bi-directional links feature enables the creation of interconnected webs of thoughts.

Additionally, Emberly has a browser plug-in that allows users to save bookmarks with a single click. Emberly's AI-powered features enhance learning and knowledge retention.

The AI-generated mind maps, quizzes, and writing assistance features help users to learn more effectively. Emberly's knowledge library feature ensures that your knowledge is organized and easy to access, providing quick access to resources and notes even when they were acquired in previous years.

Emberly has been widely used by students, knowledge workers and teams, as it was built to solve problems for all sorts of people. Emberly is available as a free service, with an optional premium pricing option.

Emberly intends to improve the learning and knowledge retention process and make information management efficient for users.


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Pros and Cons


Integrated note-taking, mind-mapping
Visual organization of bookmarks, notes
Nodes for information access
Automatic quizzes from notes
Collaborative editing feature
Bi-directional linking
Browser plug-in for bookmarking
Knowledge library feature
Supports various use cases
Free service with premium option
Efficient information management
Helps master information overload
Great for students, knowledge workers
Designed for longevity of notes
Facilitates re-finding resources, notes
Virtual debate feature
Real-time collaborative work
Web-based tool
Convenient one-click bookmarking


Web-based only
Reliant on JavaScript
Required browser plug-in
Limited offline functionality
No mobile application
Potential privacy issues
Unknown third-party data handling
Optional premium pricing unclear
Limited support options


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