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One image. One voice. Endless AI conversations.
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EmulateMe by Almaya is an AI tool designed to create lifelike digital emulations or avatars of users. Users can create a 'smart avatar' using a profile picture, voice note, and personal documents including social media profiles, emails, videos, and text.

The AI processes these inputs and creates an avatar that can conduct realistic conversations. The aim is to provide a reliable and thoughtful response to any question posed to the avatar.

Users can thus generate AI-based dialogues, creating a unique interaction with their personal AI representation. This tool has fascinating implications for individuals seeking to leave a digital legacy or maintain a form of presence even after they are gone.

For the development of this tool, the creators have considered ethical implications, endeavoring to minimize harmful exploitation and respect intellectual property rights.

The application is available for early access and comes with the requisite support and updates.

EmulateMe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Realistic digital emulation creation
Voice recognition capabilities
Natural language processing
Social media emulation
Email analysis capability
Personal information processing
Allows creation of digital legacy
Can emulate deceased loved ones
Ethical considerations in development
Upholds intellectual property rights
Partnership with memory care
Partnership with senior care
Partnership with insurance companies
Allows personal presence post-mortem
Available for early access
Free premium account offer
Support and updates provided
Effortless to create avatar
Allows the emulation of others
Efficient upload content process
Amplifies one's digital footprint
Multiple steps avatar creation


Requires multiple files for setup
Potential ethical concerns
Relies heavily on user input
Limited language processing
Relies on static profile picture
No real-time avatar animation
May not accurately emulate mannerisms
Potential privacy issues with documents
Misuse of personal information
Limited scalability due to customization


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