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Auto-draft meaningful LinkedIn comments.
Generated by ChatGPT
Engage AI enables LinkedIn power users to write insightful comments, breaking the ice and building relationships with prospects in a fraction of the time. Gain your prospects’ attention and nurture relationships by leaving comments that stand out among the sea of empty comments like “Great post” and “Thanks for sharing!” Get started with Engage AI for free, no credit card required.

Use Cases:

1. Auto-draft AI-powered comments directly into the LinkedIn post comment field.
2. Easily customize the AI’s tone of voice to match your brand voice.
3. Let Engage AI’s mini-CRM perform the manual LinkedIn profile checks and notify you via email about their most recent posts. Never miss any engagement opportunity and increase touchpoints for better conversion rates.

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Jul 10, 2023
The IMT Ghaziabad Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter flagship event, 'Sanrakhsan', is an annual BGS Felicitation and Business Conclave on the theme: Technology, Society and Business in Sustainability Solutions. The annual event felicitates and honours the top 20%tile students of the batch who have excelled academically and have joined as lifetime members of the prestigious International Beta Gamma Sigma Society, USA. The scholarly students were felicitated in the august presence of IMT Ghaziabad's Director, Dean Academics, their families, batchmates, and faculty members from academia and industry who congratulated the awardees. This year's felicitation event was followed by a BGS Lecture from Prof (Dr) Anita Sharma, Founder, Drive On My Own and Inkpothub. She touched upon an important topic on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion which has undoubtedly led future managers to divert their managerial skills towards adopting sustainability in their decision-making. The Institute thanks Dr Anita for encouraging our students in sustainability,

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Pros and Cons


Auto-drafts LinkedIn comments
Integrated mini-CRM
Email notifications for new posts
Increases engagement opportunities
Increases touchpoints for conversion
Authentic, non-generic comments
Relevant and unique comments
Preserves brand image
Comments attract reader's attention
Supports multiple browsers
No credit card required for start
Built specifically for LinkedIn
Increases productivity on LinkedIn
Keeps track of lead post activities
Suggests distinct comments for each lead
Efficient commenting strategy
Client relationship building at scale
Saves time on engaging leads
Comments value-add for prospects
Works directly on LinkedIn
Monitors unlimited leads post activities
Aims to hit required touchpoints for conversion


Limited browser compatibility
No mobile version
Manual comment pasting
Limited CRM capabilities
No multi-platform support
Limited customization options
Comment quality inconsistencies
No engagement tracking
Monotonous tone generation


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