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Created unique profile photos from uploaded images.
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Epic Avatar is an AI profile picture generator that allows users to create custom AI avatar profile pictures from their own photos. The tool leverages artificial intelligence to generate up to 200 avatars from a single set of photos.

These avatars can be used for a variety of purposes, including personalizing social media profiles, for pranking friends, in multiplayer game profiles, and more.

The process is simple: users upload 15-20 photos of themselves, which are then used to train an AI model to generate the avatars. After 24 hours, users receive an email with a link to download their avatars and can then use them however they like.

Epic Avatar also offers a money-back guarantee if users are not happy with the results. Additionally, the website provides tutorials and FAQs to help users get the most out of the tool.


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Pros and Cons


Generates 200 avatars
Uses personal photos
24-hour turnaround time
Money-back guarantee
Resourceful tutorials and FAQs
Ideal for social media
Great for pranks
Compatible with multiplayer games
Safe photo storage
Temporary photo storage
Affordable pricing
No restrictive license
Possibility of future API
Ability to incorporate celebrities
Creates variety of looks
Can use other's photos with permission
Promotes user anonymity


24-hour wait for results
Requires 15-20 photos
Limited design control
No immediate API
No Affiliate program
Stored images deleted after 24 hours
No live preview of avatars
Caters more to individual users
Inaccurate hair details


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How will I receive my avatars from Epic Avatar?
What can I use Epic Avatar's AI generated avatars for?
What if I am not happy with the avatars Epic Avatar generates for me?
What kind of tutorials and FAQs does Epic Avatar offer to help me use the tool?
What does Epic Avatar's 'Get Started' option involve?
How much does it cost to use Epic Avatar?
What kind of avatars does Epic Avatar generate?
What type of images can be used for Epic Avatar?
How long is my photo data stored by Epic Avatar?
Can I use someone else's photos with Epic Avatar?
Does Epic Avatar have an affiliate program or API?
How does Epic Avatar's process work, step by step?
What do other users say about Epic Avatar?
Who are the founders of Epic Avatar?
How can I contact the Epic Avatar team?

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