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Generated real estate content and aided transactions.
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Epique AI is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that offers various real estate-related services such as generating real estate blog posts, creating newsletters, providing lead generation ideas, and generating Instagram quotes for realtors.

Additionally, it offers realtor biographies, image generation, 12-touch email campaigns, and property descriptions, among others. Epique AI's transaction AI feature offers forms and transaction help AI to assist realtors in the buying/selling process by providing information about state regulations and laws.

Epique AI's legal AI feature offers comprehensive state law regulations aid. Epique AI's broker advice AI feature provides advice from trained AI for brokers.Epique AI uses a simple chat interface where users can send messages to ask specific questions and receive relevant responses.

For instance, users can ask about the type of leads they desire, the topic of their newsletter, the kind of images they want, and the target audience for their messages.Overall, Epique AI offers comprehensive services to realtors, brokers, and other professionals working in the real estate industry, providing efficient solutions via AI for their various needs.


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Epique AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates real estate content
Creates newsletters
Provides lead generation ideas
Generates Instagram quotes
Offers realtor biographies
Generates images
12-touch email campaigns
Generates property descriptions
Simple chat interface
Can specify desired leads
Can specify newsletter topic
Can specify image type
Can specify message audience
Comprehensive service for realtors
Sound Smarter feature
Generates real estate blog posts
Offers Year’s worth of emails
Generates successful Instagram quotes
Provides ideas for lead generation
Assists with forms & transactions
Offers exclusive Realty agent services
Content improvement suggestions
Helps specify property details
Offers headline suggestions
Produces detailed, professional images
Powered by Epique Realty


Chat interface only
Lacks customization options
No multilanguage support
No mobile application
No API provided
No manual override
No free trial
Exclusively for real estate


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