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Spreadsheet tasks, data analysis, SQL querying solution.
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Equals AI Assist is an innovative spreadsheet AI assistant that allows users to generate formulas, write SQL queries, summarize data, and perform various other tasks.

It offers a fully featured spreadsheet platform that includes real-time collaboration features, allowing users to view and edit spreadsheets with teammates simultaneously.

The tool supports over 100 formulas, enabling users to quickly build models and analyses with a familiar syntax. Equals also provides professional-grade charting capabilities to visualize data effectively.

Additionally, Equals AI Assist offers data connectors to automate spreadsheets by connecting to more than 10 data sources. It allows users to create calculated columns that automatically extend formulas during model refreshes.

The tool supports advanced keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation and editing. Users can also utilize the SQL editor to write SQL queries directly within the spreadsheet and leverage a visual query builder if they are not familiar with SQL.Equals AI Assist incorporates version history for reproducibility and enables scheduled queries for automated updates.

It allows users to build and save important queries in a library, as well as import scripts from external APIs or internal tools. The tool offers the flexibility of building dashboards within a familiar spreadsheet environment.

Equals stands out as the only spreadsheet with built-in connections to databases, versioning, and collaboration features. Overall, Equals AI Assist provides a comprehensive solution for spreadsheet tasks, offering advanced features and integration capabilities that can significantly enhance data analysis and productivity for users.


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Equals was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 100+ formulas
Real-time collaboration features
Professional-grade charting
Data connectors to 10+ sources
Auto-extending formulas
Advanced keyboard shortcuts
Built-in SQL editor
Visual query builder
Version history
Scheduled queries
Building dashboards within spreadsheet
Command+K for direct access
Built-in connections to databases
Supports external APIs
Supports internal tools
Build complex joins
Supports import of scripts
Scheduled queries for automation
Formula debugging
Query suggestions
Query debugging
Automated model refreshing
Editable charts
Summarized data
Integrated MS SQL Server
Integrated MySQL
Integrated PostgreSQL
Integrated Redshift
Integrated Snowflake
Integrated Stripe
Integrated Xero
Integrated Shopify
Integrated QuickBooks
Integrated Facebook ads
Integrated Google Analytics
Integrated LinkedIn ads
Integrated Mailchimp
Integrated Asana
Integrated ClickUp
Integrated Jira
Integrated HubSpot
Integrated Intercom
Integrated Pipedrive
Integrated Salesforce
Integrated Zendesk
Integrated Zoho CRM
CSV Integration
Google BigQuery Integration
Exportable Worksheet
Integration of import scripts


Limited data sources connections
Only 100+ formulas supported
No mobile application
No offline mode
No multi-sheet support
Lacks full SQL support
Limited visual query builder
Limited import script languages
Collaboration features could be improved


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Can I automate my spreadsheets using Equals AI Assist?
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Does Equals AI Assist have version history for reproducibility?
Does Equals AI Assist support keyboard shortcuts?


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