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Your AI assistant for next-gen spreadsheet tasks.
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AI Assist is a next-generation tool powered by GPT-4 Turbo. Integrated with spreadsheets, it assists users to write, edit, explain, and fix SQL queries, formulas, and even create charts.

Among its primary use cases, it includes ARR reporting, sales funnel reporting, and SQL database reporting. AI Assist acts in real-time, detecting issues, fixing them, providing explanations, and generating SQL queries.

It can also help users with debugging and understanding complex SQL commands. Additionally, AI Assist offers assistance with formula-building and rectification.

It allows users to swiftly move from analysis to insights, enabling them to create charts, surface insights, build dashboards and summarise takeaways.

AI Assist also ensures user privacy being SOC 2 Type II compliant and doesnt require training on users' data. This tool aids in improving workflow by rapidly generating insights from data and assisting with complex queries.

Furthermore, AI Assist is designed to be discrete and available at a single keystroke without interrupting user work.

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Pros and Cons


Generates and writes formulas
Writes and executes SQL queries
Advanced data summarization
Real-time collaboration features
Supports over 100 formulas
Professional-grade charting capabilities
Automates spreadsheets via data connectors
Can create calculated columns
Formula auto-extension during model refresh
Advanced keyboard shortcuts
In-tool SQL editor
Visual query builder
Version history for reproducibility
Scheduling queries for automation
Custom built and saved queries
Imports scripts from APIs/tools
In-spreadsheet dashboards building
Assistance in debugging SQL
Formula rectification
Improves workflow efficiency
Real-time issue detection and fixing
Explanations for SQL commands
Enables swift analysis-to-insights transition
Suggests insights generation
Protects user privacy (SOC 2 Type II compliant)
Available at a keystroke
In-tool chart creation
Automated reports (ARR, sales funnel, SQL database)
Built-in connections to databases
Real-time editing and explanation
SQL queries generation
User privacy security (No training on users' data)
SQL command explanation and rectification
Data analysis and workflow enhancement
Summarising data takeaways
Visualising data effectively
Discrete assistance
Versioning and collaboration features


Limited data sources
Lacks advanced analytics
No offline functionality
No mobile version
May require SQL familiarity
No direct import from APIs
Limited formulas support
No multi-language support
No detailed user guide
Complex UI for beginners


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