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Tailored spreadsheets with interactive chat prompts.
Generated by ChatGPT

EqualTo is an AI tool that is specifically designed to generate spreadsheets for users. It uses a serverless spreadsheet technology called EqualTo Sheets to help users create spreadsheets easily and efficiently.

EqualTo also integrates OpenAI, which enables users to ask follow-up questions and refine their spreadsheets until they meet their specific demands.The tool offers an interactive chat function that allows users to request the creation of spreadsheets tailored to their specific needs.

Users can input detailed prompts such as "create a detailed project plan for the restoration of a 19th-century home" or "create a monthly budget for a student starting in university" to get started.

They can also refine their spreadsheets by asking questions such as "change the currency to euro" or "add a row with the totals."By using EqualTo, users can save time and effort in creating spreadsheets that would have normally taken hours to complete manually.

The tool is suitable for individuals and businesses that need to process and analyze data quickly in a standardized format. Overall, EqualTo offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to generate spreadsheets accurately and efficiently using AI.


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Equalto was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Serverless spreadsheet technology
Interactive chat function
Tailored spreadsheet creation
Efficient data processing
Supports detailed prompts
Spreadsheet refining options
Saves time and effort
Standardized data format
User-friendly interface
Appropriate for individuals and businesses
Ability to modify currency
Enables addition of rows


Requires JavaScript enabled
Spreadsheet generation not instant
No mention of offline functionality
Limited to spreadsheet creation
Reliant on user's prompts quality
No explicit multi-user support
Potential privacy concerns
No clear error handling
No API mentioned


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What is the EqualTo Sheets waitlist?
How can I join the EqualTo Sheets waitlist?
What happens when I send a prompt in EqualTo Chat?
What are the privacy implications of using EqualTo?
Are there any terms of service I should be aware of when using EqualTo?
Where can I read more about EqualTo's products and services?
Can EqualTo create a budget spreadsheet for a university student?
Is it possible for EqualTo to create a project plan for a home restoration project?
Can EqualTo change the currency used in a spreadsheet?
Can EqualTo add a total row to my spreadsheet?
How does EqualTo handle consent for communications?


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