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Craft rough ideas into powerful words.
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Essay is a writing and editing tool designed to help users improve their writing skills, going beyond standard auto-correction by focusing on fostering real writing learning.

The tool urges users to take their rough ideas and mould them into cogent, impactful sentences and paragraphs. The essential premise of Essay is to not just point out errors or provide auto-suggestions but to help users understand why something might be inaccurate, assisting them in becoming stronger communicators.

Initially, Essay enables users to overcome the apprehension of starting a written piece by helping them put their ideas on paper. It then guides users in refining and rearranging their thoughts and sentences, maintaining the strong elements and discarding the ineffective ones.

The result is a highly articulated rendition of the user's original ideas. The tool operates in two core phases: 'Creation' and 'Editing'. The 'Creation Phase' involves the formation of a base for the written work, which guides the user in maintaining focus throughout the writing process.

The 'Editing Phase' involves fine-tuning each sentence and experimenting with alternate phrasings. This phase also allows for sentences to be quickly and conveniently relocated and reorganised for logical coherence and flow.Essay is versatile, with potential applications spanning multiple writing platforms, whether academic essays, publications, self-help entries, promotional emails or poems.

The primary mission of Essay is to help users write better, think better and become proficient writers in their chosen domains.

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Pros and Cons


Writing enhancement
Develop writing skills
Provides reasoning for inaccuracies
Helps overcome writing apprehension
Guides refinement of writing
Facilitates idea organisation
2 core operating phases
Aids in maintaining focus
Fine-tuning sentence tool
Reorganisation for logical coherence
Versatile applications
Assists multiple writing platforms
Essay writing guide
Alternative phrase experimentation
Detailed editing phase
Provides strong communication skills
Encourages self-learning
Sentence relocation convenience
Helpful creation phase
14-day free trial
Assists academic writing
Improves publication writing
Enhances email writing
Elevates poem writing
Content creation support
Proofreading abilities
Revision tool capabilities
Adaptable to writing domains
Doesn't restrict to auto-suggestions
Promotes understanding, not correction
Encourages first rough draft
Not just for essays
Personalized writing guide
Offers bird's eye view
Direct drag sentence reordering
Outlines work for review
Learns from user's draft
Allows for inline variations
Simplifies paragraph-level reviewing
Interactive writing experimentation
Sentence meaning transformation tool
Displays sentences line by line
Direct media and roadmap links


Doesn't specify language support
No mobile app mentioned
Risk of oversimplification
May limit creative writing
Lack of collaboration features
No offline mode specified
Not mentioned API availability
No real-time interaction stated
Focus on self-improvement could slow process
Could be overly complex for simple tasks


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