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Essay Builder AI is a free tool that generates essays through an AI-powered engine. The tool allows users to select their essay type and exam format from various options, including argumentative, classic, compare/contrast, persuasive, critique, and memoir.

Users can choose the number of paragraphs and describe their topic in a few words to generate an essay that meets their needs. Once the user inputs their essay requirements, the tool generates a complete essay, which can be previewed, copied, or edited.

Essay Builder AI is an efficient tool for producing high-quality essays in seconds. It is an ideal solution for students and professionals who need to produce essays quickly.

Users can take advantage of the tool's AI-powered engine to generate essays related to their field of study, academic level, or specific needs. They can also leverage the tool to supplement their writing by using it as a helpful resource in combination with traditional research methods.

The tool is designed to be used with caution, as it is not a substitute for a user's own knowledge and understanding. While it can generate essays quickly, users should not rely on it exclusively without reviewing it for accuracy and quality.

The tool is an excellent addition to a user's research and writing resources and a time-saving solution for producing exceptional essays.


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Feb 28, 2024
Awesome tool!

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Pros and Cons


Free to use
Option to select essay type
Choice of exam format
Generates complete essays
Ability to preview essays
Option to copy essays
Editable generated essays
High-speed essay generation
Customizable paragraph count
Supplementary to traditional research
Variety of essay types
Specify essay topics
Multiple paragraph selection
Guided topic description
Generate essays based on needs


Only generates specific essay types
No mention of language support
Output requiring review for accuracy
Over-reliance could affect knowledge growth
No plagiarism check mentioned
Could induce laziness in students
No offline mode
No citation generation mentioned
No mobile app referenced
Doesn't support real-time collaboration


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How can Essay Builder AI benefit students?
Can I edit the essays generated by Essay Builder AI?
Does Essay Builder AI replace traditional research methods?
Can professionals also use Essay Builder AI?
What should I do if the essay generated by Essay Builder AI is not accurate?
How fast can Essay Builder AI generate an essay?
Is Essay Builder AI a helpful tool for quick essay writing?
Can I select my exam format while generating an essay with Essay Builder AI?
Can I use Essay Builder AI as a source for academic essay writing?
What precautions should be taken while using Essay Builder AI?
How does Essay Builder AI ensure the quality of the generated essays?
Is Essay Builder AI a reliable tool for producing exceptional essays?
Can Essay Builder AI generate essays related to my specific needs?
What makes Essay Builder AI an ideal tool for essay writing?

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