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The AI Essay Writer is an online tool that generates essays on various topics based on input from the user. Users can describe their request in as much detail as possible, including the topic, word count, tone, formatting style, and context, and the tool generates a top-notch essay within seconds.

The generated text can be tweaked to match the user's writing style, and the user can check it for plagiarism. To use the tool, the user has to create an account that is 100% confidential.

The generated text can be downloaded in one of the supported file formats. The tool supports six tasks, including academic essays, college applications, scientific reports, job applications, research papers, and homework.

The tool is accessible from desktop and mobile devices. The tool is user-friendly and does not require any technical skills to use. The generated text is unique and will pass plagiarism checks.

The Premium plan offers unlimited access to the tool without restrictions on the number or length of texts that can be generated. Though some additional services are paid, the free version provides many useful services.

The AI Essay Writer has been trained on a variety of academic texts, making it capable of generating high-quality output on any topic, subject, and type of request.


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Pros and Cons


Specific input customization
Real-time essay generation
User-specific writing style matching
In-built plagiarism checker
100% confidential user accounts
Multiple output file formats
Supports six types of tasks
Accessible from desktop and mobile
User-friendly interface
Premium plan offers unlimited access
Free version availability
Trained on diverse academic texts
Peer-reviewed output quality
Large active user base
Social media presence
Covers 70+ industries
Optimized for mobile use
Output passes plagiarism checks
No technical skills required
Subscription cancellation anytime
Preserves previously generated assignments
Prompt-based content creation
Multi-educational level capabilities
Particular topic, subject, and type coverage
Integrated into web browsers
No additional software required
Handpicked academic texts training
Test drive option
Paid additional services
Embedded artificial intelligence knowledge
Quick assignment generation
Unique, plagiarism-free essays
One-click content delivery
Various payment methods supported


Requires account creation
Limited free services
Paid premium plan
Possible mismatch in writing style
Not open-source
File download necessary
Only six supported tasks
Additional services are paid
Limited supported file formats
No API for integration


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Can AI Essay Writer check for plagiarism?
What file formats does AI Essay Writer support for downloads?
How can Essays Writer AI prove helpful in college applications?
How accessible is the AI Essay Writer tool?
Does AI Essay Writer require any specific technical skills to be operated?
Is the text generated by AI Essay Writer unique?
What are the benefits of the Premium plan on AI Essay Writer?
How has AI Essay Writer been trained to generate academic texts?
Can I generate free essays with AI Essay Writer?
Is the content generated by the AI Essay Writer tool reliable?
What makes the AI essay generator system advanced?
Are the essays generated by AI Essay Writer plagiarism-free?
How quickly does AI Essay Writer deliver the generated content?
Can I create title and hook suggestions with AI Essay Writer?

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