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Top-quality essay generation.
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EssayBar is an AI-powered tool for generating top-quality essays. It provides students and professionals with an efficient and effortless way to create custom essays tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

The tool leverages artificial intelligence technology to help users craft relevant, one-of-a-kind, and accurate content. It utilizes an auto-complete feature to edit and enhance the essay, allowing users to specify the desired word count and add additional words with just a few clicks.

EssayBar is available in two subscription plans – a monthly plan for $3.99 per month with up to 100 generations/month and a yearly plan for $3.0 per month.


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EssayBar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Top-quality essay generation
Efficient and effortless creation
Custom essay tailoring
Relevant content production
Auto-complete feature
Specify word count
Add additional words
Monthly subscription available
Yearly subscription available
Low-cost plans
100 generations/month
One-click generation
Generate on any topic
Accuracy in content
Allowance for editing
Saves time and effort
Facilitates academic and professional tasks
Flexible usage
Enhancement of written work
Automates the writing process
Reduces writer's block
Provides content ideas


Limited to 100 generations/month
No free usage option
Lacks API integration
No plagiarism check feature
No multi-language support
No offline usage
Doesn't support bulk generation
No content export options
No tiered pricing plan
Limited editing features


What is EssayBar?
How does EssayBar work?
What are the key features of EssayBar?
What are the pricing plans for EssayBar?
How does the autocompletion feature of EssayBar work?
Can EssayBar be used by both students and professionals?
Is there a word limit when using EssayBar?
What does the phrase '100 generations/month' refer to in EssayBar's usage?
Can EssayBar assist in selecting a topic for an essay?
How does EssayBar generate custom essays?
Does EssayBar need specific instructions to generate essays?
Can I use EssayBar for free before subscribing?
How is the yearly plan of EssayBar cheaper than the monthly plan?
What does the word 'Upgrade' mean in the context of EssayBar's services?
What does it mean by 'AI-crafted' in EssayBar's services?
Does EssayBar allow customizations in the essay?
How do I sign up for EssayBar?
Is EssayBar only available online?
Can I cancel my subscription with EssayBar?
What kind of essays can be generated using EssayBar?

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