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Detailed essay grading feedback and error reports.
Generated by ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art AI tool designed to assist teachers in grading essays quickly and effectively. It provides detailed feedback reports, error reports, summarizations, and will soon have an AI Detector feature.

Its feedback reports are based on rubrics at each grading level, helping to identify improvement areas quickly. Error reports highlight grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors found in an essay.

The summarizer feature gives a concise summary including the most important information and unique phrases. The soon to be released AI Detector feature will allow teachers to identify if an essay was written by AI or if only parts of it were written by AI. helps to significantly reduce the time it takes to grade essays and offers a free plan for those interested in getting started.


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Pros and Cons


Detailed feedback reports
Grading level based rubrics
Quickly identify improvement areas
Error reports provided
Grammar, spelling, punctuation errors check
Essay summarizer feature
Significantly reduces grading time
Offers a free plan
Rubrics at each grading level
Quickly highlights essay mistakes
Examples of feedback reports provided
Option to view summarized essay
Locates exposition and grammar errors


Unable to grade handwriting
No plagiarism detection
Not multilingual
No mobile app
Limited free plan
Dependent on quality rubrics
Unavailable offline
No real-time grading


What is
How does grade essays?
What kind of feedback does provide on essays?
Does check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors?
What is the summarizer feature on
Can detect if an essay was written by an AI?
Can read any length of essay?
How can I register for
Is there a free plan available for
How can speed up the time to grade essays?
What is the rubric used by for grading essays?
How detailed are the error reports given by
How does the 'AI Detector' feature of work?
Can provide examples of its feedback report?
Does have a summarizer example?
How efficient is the software in grading essays?
Is there a demo available for
What are the key features of
How does transform a large word count essay into a summary?
What is the 'AI Detector' feature that is coming soon on


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