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Leverage AI to expedite essay grading.
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Essay Grader AI is an AI-powered platform that assists in the grading process of essays. It helps to significantly reduce the time teachers spend on grading essays by providing accurate and specific feedback.

The AI system is trained on vast amounts of diverse text data, which helps it to yield accurate and in-depth feedback from students' essays. It performs analysis on grammar, punctuation, spelling, coherence, clarity, and writing style and generates detailed reports about the errors found along with suggestions for corrections.

It allows for bulk uploading, making the process easier for grading multiple essays at once. One of the tool's features is the creation of custom rubrics, which are then used to grade essays based on the teacher's existing grading criteria.

The system also offers a summarizer feature, providing a concise summary that includes the most important information and unique phrases. Additionally, the AI system has an AI detector feature, which helps to determine if an essay or parts of it were written using AI.

The teachers can also organize their students' essays by creating classes within the platform. This technology seeks to transform the grading experience for teachers and students alike by making it more efficient, thus lightening the workload of educators.

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Pros and Cons


Detailed feedback reports
Grading level based rubrics
Quickly identify improvement areas
Error reports provided
Grammar, spelling, punctuation errors check
Essay summarizer feature
Significantly reduces grading time
Offers a free plan
Rubrics at each grading level
Quickly highlights essay mistakes
Examples of feedback reports provided
Option to view summarized essay
Locates exposition and grammar errors


Unable to grade handwriting
No plagiarism detection
Not multilingual
No mobile app
Limited free plan
Dependent on quality rubrics
Unavailable offline
No real-time grading


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