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Feedback analysis for businesses at scale.
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Essense is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses analyze user feedback at scale, in a fast and cost-effective way. With thousands of feedback points inputted every week, it can be challenging for businesses to keep track of what's important.

However, Essense provides actionable insights on how to improve a product by analyzing thousands of pieces of feedback in seconds. The tool creates an actionable list of product insights based on user feedback, with the aim of helping businesses improve their product's roadmap.

The analysis of feedback can also be applied to competitors' products in order to assess market trends and opportunities.Integrations with data sources such as Appstore Reviews, Playstore Reviews, Trustpilot Reviews, and even HubSpot Tickets can be automated, which improves workflows for businesses.

Essense has a user-friendly interface, and it allows organizations to collaborate on feedback analysis, breaking down communication silos. Essense offers a free tier to analyze up to 250 pieces of feedback per month.

Organizations can invite team members to collaborate and start analyzing feedback by connecting their data sources and selecting a time period. Essense is suitable for businesses that require sophisticated feedback analysis to remain competitive in their industry.

Essense was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast feedback analysis
Actionable product insights
Competitive product analysis
Automated data integrations
User-friendly interface
Collaborative feedback analysis
Works with Appstore Reviews
Works with Playstore Reviews
Works with Trustpilot Reviews
Works with HubSpot Tickets
Free tier available
Customizable time period analysis


Limited free tier
No mentioned API integrations
Potential scalability issues
No data-source customization
Analysis limited to feedback
Time period selection unclear
No competitor comparison features
No direct customer interaction
Dependent on connected platforms
Limited collaboration features


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How cost-effective is analyzing feedback with Essense compared to other tools?

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