Virtual clones 2024-03-12
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Create and download your digital clone to live forever. Interact with others.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered platform offering users the ability to create a digital clone of themselves, including their thoughts, their voice and appearance with a lifelike 3D avatar. It allows creating private and public clones in 7 different languages.

The cloning process is broken down into three straightforward steps: The user firstly uploads their thoughts and speaks to the system. This collected data helps distil key traits, personality nuances, and typical dialogue tendencies. For the second step, users are asked to provide several selfies, which the tool uses to generate a 3D avatar that visually represents the user. Cyclieally, the user can then download or store the clone in the cloud.

This digital clone can serve as a lasting, interactive representation of the user, designed to carry forward the user's likeness, thoughts, and personality. Furthermore, the platform possesses the versatility to be used in a privacy-conscious individual setting or in a public setting like content creators, influencers, or professionals wanting to extend their digital persona.

The impact of such a tool can range from personal preservation for future generations to creating public-facing digital entities, potentially influencing sectors like entertainment, media, or customer service.
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Pros and Cons


Creates digital clones
Interactive avatar production
3D avatar from selfies
Stores clones in cloud
Downloadable clones
Personality traits mapping
Thoughts uploading functionality
Supports voice data processing
Distils conversation tendencies
Privacy-conscious tool
Public persona extension
Potentially aids sectors like entertainment
Helpful in customer service
Supports content creators
Supports influencers
Helps professionals extend digital presence
Paves way for personal preservation
Long-lasting digital representation
Targeted at individuals and public
User-friendly three-step process
Facilitates personal and public settings
Process personality nuances
Process unique dialogue tendencies
Contributes to digital immortality
Supports data processing on user-end
Adaptable to individual requirements
Accessible public-facing digital entities creation


Limited avatar customization
Dependent on user input
Potential misuse in public settings
Data loss risk
Requires JavaScript
No API provided


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What does it mean to extend my digital persona with Eternity Ac?
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If I have a problem with Eternity Ac, how can I reach customer service?
What measures does Eternity Ac take to ensure user privacy?
Can I create a private AI digital clone with Eternity Ac?
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