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Customized curriculum learning assistant.
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EverLearns is an AI-based tool that provides personalized learning experiences. It offers learning paths, lecture notes, and quizzes that generate themselves.

Users are able to access a well-structured curriculum with courses divided into modules and lessons, enriched with lecture notes and quizzes. The tool also provides an intuitive, Notion-style editor for making changes to study notes, making learning a breeze.

EverLearns boasts tailor-made learning paths, designed specifically for each user, and provides assistance throughout the learning journey. It offers a wide variety of quizzes to test knowledge in a comprehensive way, with the ability to generate as many quizzes as desired.

Users can select a pricing plan that suits their needs, choosing between a monthly subscription or a lifetime unlimited plan. The tool offers unlimited courses, quizzes, and free future updates.

While the monthly subscription plan does not require the use of an OpenAI API key, the lifetime unlimited plan involves inputting the user's own OpenAI API key for powering usage.

The API key is securely stored in the user's local browser. Developed by the creators of MindPal, CAMOO, Chartonomics, and SpeakLab, EverLearns is the result of their adoption of AI for lifelong self-learning.

The tool aims to transform the future of learning by providing personalized and efficient learning experiences.


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