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Streamlined Excel formula generation from instructions.
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Excel Formularizer is a powerful AI-driven tool designed to streamline the process of converting text instructions into Excel formulas. It offers users a quick and easy way to turn their ideas into formulas, enabling them to become more productive and save time.

With Excel Formularizer, users can enter their instructions and receive the generated functions in seconds, completely free of charge. The tool supports a variety of instructions, such as summing a column if it is greater than 100 or calculating the average of a column if a certain value is present.

Additionally, users can use regular expressions to match words or phrases. Excel Formularizer also offers a range of features, such as a login, pricing information and support, and it is available for free with no usage limits or credit card required.

Excel Formularizer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to effectively and efficiently convert their text instructions into Excel formulas.


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Jul 4, 2023
Hardest tasks are now completed in seconds, check formularizer.com instead
Jun 29, 2023
Try Formularizer (a redesigned version of Excel Formularizer) instead

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Pros and Cons


Free of charge
Instant formula generation
Supports a variety of instructions
Supports regular expressions
No usage limits
No credit card required
User-friendly Interface
Increases productivity
Saves time
Login feature
Free for everyone
Email support
Streamlines Excel formula creation
Quick idea to formula conversion
Turns text into functions
Accessible online
Requires no installation
All rights reserved
Continuous usage opportunity
Great for beginners and professionals
Automatic function generation
Makes Excel tasks easier
Improves Excel efficiency
Wide instruction range support
Simplifies complex Excel tasks
Perfect for data analysis
Generates functional Excel formulas
Time-saving on data manipulation
Ideal for non-programmers
Eliminates manual coding
Increases data processing speed
User-centric tool
Supports conditional statements
Quickly solves Excel problems
Reduces Excel learning curve
Flexible instruction entry
Accepts complex instructions
Optimizes spreadsheet tasks
Minimizes Excel errors
No subscription required
Personalized Excel solutions
Specially designed for Excel formulas
Easy problem-to-function transformation
Ensures precise formula generation


No offline functionality
No mobile app
Lacks multi-language support
No direct integration with Excel
Doesn't support all Excel functions
Free but requires sign-up
No GitHub for code review
Relies heavily on text instructions
No advanced user settings
No custom formula creation
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