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Automates Excel formula creation with explanations.
Generated by ChatGPT

Excelly-AI is a text-to-Excel tool designed to help users generate powerful Excel formulas effortlessly within their browser or Slack. It is a new technology based on GPT-3.5-turbo, released on 2nd March 2023, which enables the tool to compute even the most complicated formulas.

With Excelly-AI, users can generate any formula they like and get explanations for every generated formula. The tool supports both Excel and Google Sheets, making it suitable for users of either spreadsheet platform.

Excelly-AI also offers an option to integrate into Slack, enabling teams to share knowledge and improve productivity company-wide in just one click. Users can subscribe to the tool's newsletter to receive future updates.

With its simple, user-friendly interface, Excelly-AI makes it easy for users to transform plain text into powerful Excel formulas without the need to google formulas for hours.

The tool is available for free with up to 10 daily formulas or users can sign up for a paid subscription to access more advanced features.


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Pros and Cons


Generates Excel formulas
Gives formula explanations
Supports Excel and Google Sheets
Slack integration
Transforms text into formulas
User-friendly interface
Option for free usage
Advanced features in paid version
Newsletter for updates
Works in browser
Supports complex formulas
New technology (GPT-3.5-turbo)
Available for teams
Company-wide productivity improvement
No extra installations for Slack integration
Improves Excel and Google Sheets knowledge base


Limited to 10 daily formulas
Charges for advanced features
Relies on Slack for integration
No mobile app available
Not compatible with other spreadsheet tools
Borders on complex to use
Requires internet to use
No offline version
No multi-language support
No custom formula creation


What is Excelly-AI?
How does Excelly-AI work to generate Excel formulas?
How can Excelly-AI explain formulas?
What technology is Excelly-AI based on?
Can Excelly-AI compute complex formulas?
Does Excelly-AI support both Excel and Google Sheets?
How can Excelly-AI be integrated into Slack?
How does the Slack integration of Excelly-AI improve productivity?
What are the subscription options for Excelly-AI?
How can Excelly-AI be used directly in my browser?
What are the benefits of using Excelly-AI?
What are the advanced features available with a paid Excelly-AI subscription?
How often does Excelly-AI release updates?
Can Excelly-AI improve my company's knowledge base in Excel and Google Sheets?
What is the purpose of the Excelly-AI newsletter?
How do I login or sign up for Excelly-AI?
Does using Excelly-AI require any extra installations?
How many formulas can I generate with Excelly-AI per day?
Where can I find Excelly-AI's terms of service?
What is new in GPT-3.5-turbo that Excelly-AI is using?


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