Exemplary AI
Transcribes 120+ languages' audio/video.

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ExemplaryAI is an AI-powered platform that transcribes audio and video content into text with high accuracy, supporting more than 120 languages. Its GPT-assisted editor ensures perfect transcripts while breaking language barriers to connect with a global audience.

ExemplaryAI goes beyond transcription to generate content faster with simple prompts, such as summaries, meeting notes, highlights, blogs, and follow-up emails.

With automated video and audio editing tools, it generates highlight reels, clips, and audiograms instantly for engaging social media content. ExemplaryAI serves a diverse range of industries such as business, media, education, government, legal, journalism, and research, unlocking the full potential of their content.

The platform offers flexible pricing options, allowing users to try all features for free for seven days with no credit card required. Its standard plan includes essential features with generous limits, while the premium plan offers unlimited access to advanced features suitable for larger teams and enterprises.

Additionally, ExemplaryAI offers an enterprise plan that allows creating a highly customizable transcription app for products using its API and SDK. The generated content is SEO-friendly, with options for adding keywords, tags, and descriptions to improve search engine rankings.

Exemplary AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes 120+ languages
GPT-assisted editing
Generates various content types
Automated video, audio editing
Diverse range application
Flexible pricing options
Free trial without credit card
Generous feature limits
Enterprise customizable app creation
SEO-friendly content
Keyword, tag, description addition
Industry-specific applications
Generates real-time content
Intuitive interface
High accuracy transcription
Unlimited translation
Video export options
Unlimited reviewers
Enterprise integration
Custom branding with Enterprise
Generates prompt-based content
Creates subtitles, translations
Generates highlight reels, audiograms
Perfect for small business
Advanced features for enterprises


Free trial requires signup
Limited transcription hours
Video exporting limited in standard plan
Doesn't specify API/SDK access in premiums plan
Non-transparent pricing for enterprise plan
Generous limits unspecified
No standalone app
Uncertain speed in real-time transcription
Accuracy dependent on audio/video quality


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How can ExemplaryAI assist in areas of education, government and journalism?
What are the key features included in the ExemplaryAI's premium plan?
How does transcription work in ExemplaryAI for the legal and media industries?
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What are the SEO-friendly options that ExemplaryAI provides for the generated content?
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