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Custom career advice using interests, skills & values.
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Existential is an AI-powered career exploration tool that provides personalized career recommendations by analyzing the user's interests, skills, and values.

It aims to help users find their true calling and guide them towards fulfilling careers that excite, challenge, and fulfill them. The tool offers a simple discovery process where users answer a few questions about their career preferences, and the AI-powered algorithm suggests potential career paths that align with their unique profile.

Users can explore these options further and determine if they align with their goals and aspirations before making any decisions. Existential is designed to help individuals take control of their future and find a sense of purpose in their careers.

It believes that every person can achieve great things when they have a sense of purpose in their work. Along with personalized recommendations, the tool provides the confidence and clarity needed to turn aspirations into a rewarding reality.

Existential also offers users the tools they need to succeed and achieve their goals. Overall, Existential is a user-friendly tool that offers a streamlined approach to career exploration.

It helps in reducing the distress associated with not knowing how to get to where one wants to be in their career. By providing personalized insights and guidance, Existential enables individuals to make informed decisions and pursue fulfilling careers.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized career advice
Streamlined approach to career exploration
User-friendly tool
Answers based on user's profile
Aims to reduce career-related distress
Helps make informed career decisions
Offers tools for achievement
Focuses on finding purpose
Assists in career alignment with goals
Boosts confidence in career decisions
Custom analysis of interests, skills, values
Helps unlock career potential
Easy discovery process
Potential career paths suggestion
Enables detailed career options exploration


No offline functionality
No mobile app available
Limited career path suggestions
Lacks user interface personalization
No multi-language support
No automatic updates
User interface not customizable
No free trial available
Doesn't support all platforms
Limited user support options


What is Existential?
How does Existential work?
Can Existential help me find a career that aligns with my interests?
What type of questions does Existential ask in the discovery process?
Does Existential only offer career advice based on my present skills?
Can Existential suggest career paths that align with my values?
What is the technology behind Existential?
Is Existential user-friendly?
How does Existential reduce the distress of figuring out my career?
Will Existential provide tools for me to succeed in my chosen career?
How is Existential different from other career advice tools?
Does Existential only make career recommendations or can it help guide me to reach my aspirations?
Is Existential suitable for someone who doesn't know where they want to be in their career?
What is the ethos behind Existential?
Can Existential help unlock my potential?
Does Existential help boost my confidence in choosing a suitable career?
Does Existential offer any support or help once a career path is chosen?
How personalized are Existential's career recommendations?
What is the sign up process for Existential?
Can Existential help me find my purpose in my career?

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