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Virtual assistant for OpenExO platform.
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ExO Bot is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenExO. It is designed to provide users with a virtual assistant to help them access and understand OpenExO's ExO attributes and algorithms.

It is powered by and is currently in beta. ExO Bot is trained to remember what the user said earlier in the conversation and allows users to provide follow-up corrections.

It is also capable of declining inappropriate requests. However, it may occasionally generate incorrect information or produce harmful instructions or biased content, so users should be aware of its limitations.

Despite being a work in progress, ExO Bot is already a valuable tool for users who wish to familiarize themselves with the OpenExO platform.


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ExO Bot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Remembers previous user inputs
Allows follow-up corrections
Declines inappropriate requests
Helps understand ExO attributes
Offers assistance with algorithms
Supports interactive learning


In beta
Occasionally generates incorrect information
Can produce harmful instructions
May output biased content
Dependent on
No API mentioned
Allows user corrections
Limited to OpenExO platform
No multi-language support mentioned
Relevance dependent on user inputs


What is ExO Bot?
How does ExO Bot help users access OpenExO's attributes and algorithms?
Is ExO Bot capable of remembering past user conversations?
Can users provide follow-up corrections with ExO Bot?
Does ExO Bot have the ability to decline inappropriate requests?
How is ExO Bot powered by
What does the beta version of ExO Bot mean?
Can ExO Bot generate incorrect information or biased content?
In what ways can ExO Bot be a valuable tool for users of the OpenExO platform?
Can users chat directly with the new OpenExO book through ExO Bot?
How is the ExO Bot being used to facilitate understanding of the Algorithm attribute?
What does it mean when ExO Bot is referred to as 'Your ExO Brain on AI'?
Does ExO Bot provide real-time assistance?
Is it safe to follow all instructions from the ExO Bot without any verification?
Why should a user be aware of ExO Bot's limitations?
How does ExO Bot assist a company practicing Kaizen in implementing ExO?
Is ExO Bot connected to the ExO Pass login system?
Can I access directly through ExO Bot?
What is the improvement plan for the 'still experimental' ExO Bot?
What measures has been taken to improve the occasional generation of harmful instructions by ExO Bot?

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