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Chatbot for personalized travel recommendations.
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Expedia Travel is an online travel site where users can search for vacation homes, hotels, car rentals, flights and more. The site offers a bundled option where users can save money by combining their stay with a car rental or flight.

There are flexible options available to match the users' needs. Expedia Travel also offers member discounts of around 15% on hotels, and free membership is available.

Users can sign up and create favorites lists to tailor their travel searches.The site allows users to book for international hotels and flights to popular destinations, such as London, Paris, Tokyo, and Las Vegas, and domestic hotels and flights including Miami, Orlando, and New York.

Users can also take advantage of sale offers on select hotels and flight deals that may be available through the Expedia app. The app offers exclusive deals of up to 25% on select hotels and more.Expedia Travel also provides options for last-minute travel deals with hotels that can be booked for stays within the next two weeks.

This feature enables users to discover new places and experiences and plan their travel for the summer as well as explore and track their PTO plans on the website.

Additionally, users can change or cancel a trip via the site and track their refund process.


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Expedia ChatGPT plugin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized travel recommendations
Bundled options for savings
Member discounts on hotels
Free membership
Favorites list for personalization
Bookings for international hotels/flights
Sale offers on select hotels/flights
Exclusive deals on app
Last-minute travel deal options
Refund tracking
Extensive hotel/flight/car rental catalog
Option to change/cancel trip
Easy itinerary updates
Coupons and credits application
Detailed travel destinations information
Multiple vacation rental options
Cruise booking options
Travel inspirations and deals
Flexible booking options
VIP access stays
PTO plans tracking
Holiday getaway deals
Weekend Getaway Deals
Payment Plan Options
All-Inclusive Vacation Options
Themed Vacations


No multi-language support
Limited last-minute booking options
No personalization
No advanced search filters
Limited in-chat interactions
No real-time flight/hotel updates
No travel itinerary integration
No reservation changes in-app
No in-app travel guides


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Does the Expedia ChatGPT plugin offer travel deals?
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