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Fast code debugging with helpful suggestions.
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Whybug Explain is an AI-driven debugging tool that helps developers quickly identify the root cause of errors in their code. It leverages a large language model trained on data from StackExchange and other sources to predict the cause of a given error, as well as how to fix it and example fix code.

To use Whybug Explain, users simply paste an error or exception message into the app and press 'explain'. They can also try example error messages to get a better understanding of how the tool works.

Whybug Explain is a valuable asset for developers, as it helps them quickly identify the source of a bug, saving time and effort.


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Explain An Error was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 30th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Fast code debugging
Helpful suggestions for fixing
Trained on StackExchange data
Predicts error causes
Suggests solution to fix
Provides example fix code
User-friendly interface
Just paste and explain
Error examples provided
Max. 200 characters long message
Confidentiality warning included
Explains complex error messages
Saves time and effort
Great for learning debugging
Supports diverse programming languages
Continuously improving model training


No support for real-time debugging
Input limited to 200 characters
No explicit language support mentioned
No collaborative features
Requires removing personal information manually
Limited to textual error messages
No API for integration
No mobile app available
No version control integration
Lack of user interface customization


What is Whybug Explain?
How does Whybug Explain help in code debugging?
What is the key technology behind Whybug Explain?
How do I use Whybug Explain?
Where does Whybug Explain get its training data from?
What kind of error messages can Whybug Explain handle?
Can I try Whybug Explain with example error messages?
How accurate is Whybug Explain in predicting the cause of an error?
Does Whybug Explain also suggest how to fix the errors?
Can Whybug Explain identify the source of a bug?
How does Whybug Explain save developers' time and effort?
What personal information should I remove before using Whybug Explain?
Can Whybug Explain handle more than one error at a time?
Are there any character limits when entering an error message on Whybug Explain?
Is Whybug Explain suitable for all programming languages?
How does Whybug Explain use AI to improve code debugging?
What kind of example fixes does Whybug Explain provide?
Can Whybug Explain give explanations for complex errors?
Does Whybug Explain support debugging in real-time?
How often is the AI model behind Whybug Explain updated?

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