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Improved academic paper understanding.
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Explainpaper is an AI-powered tool designed to help readers better understand academic papers. It allows readers to upload a paper and then highlight any confusing text they come across.

Explainpaper then provides an explanation of the highlighted text, helping readers to better comprehend the paper. By using its AI-based algorithms, Explainpaper can identify complex ideas and provide simple explanations.

It also offers readers the chance to try out the tool on the paper that started it all – Attention Is All You Need – which introduces a new type of network architecture called the Transformer, which is based solely on attention mechanisms.

Explainpaper makes it easier for readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the paper’s content.


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Explainpaper was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Upload paper feature
Highlight confusing text
Provides text explanations
Identifies complex ideas
Offers simple explanations
Test paper available
Helps access new research
Comprehends network architectures
Free sign up
Directs understanding on papers
Helps gain comprehensive understanding


Limited to academic papers
Depends on user highlighting
Lacks multi-language support
No versioning of explanations
Doesn't support real-time collaboration
No offline capabilities
Inaccurate text summarization
Can't handle image based text
Non-interactive explanation
No annotation feature


What is Explainpaper?
How does Explainpaper work?
What type of documents can I upload on Explainpaper?
Does Explainpaper support papers from all academic fields?
What kind of explanations does Explainpaper provide?
How does Explainpaper simplify complex ideas in a paper?
Is there a limitation to the length of text I can highlight for explanation in Explainpaper?
Can Explainpaper be used for free?
How do I sign up for Explainpaper?
Can I try Explainpaper without signing up?
What paper can I try out on Explainpaper?
What is the 'Attention Is All You Need' paper on Explainpaper?
What is the Transformer network architecture mentioned in Explainpaper?
How does Explainpaper enhance my understanding of academic papers?
Can Explainpaper provide explanations for technical terms in a paper?
How accurate are the explanations provided by Explainpaper?
What AI-based algorithms does Explainpaper use?
How quickly does Explainpaper provide explanations for highlighted text?
Is my document safe after uploading to Explainpaper?
Can I use Explainpaper on mobile devices?

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