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Finding profitable, market-tested ideas made easy.
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Exploding Insights is an AI-powered tool designed to assist in the process of market research by providing data-driven insights for the identification of profitable and scalable business ideas.

By evaluating problems that people are already paying to solve, it generates market-tested ideas to help entrepreneurs build with confidence. The tool makes use of sizeable data to provide precise insights about what customers are willing to pay for, allowing for more informed decision-making about product-market-fit.

The AI system is designed with a specially tuned filter that uncovers under-the-radar business ideas across numerous niches, offering users insights not typically found through traditional data channels like Google Trends or Ahref.

To help with idea validation, Exploding Insights offers access to a comprehensive set of documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and market research guides, allowing entrepreneurs to minimize guesswork.

The interface is designed for ease of use, granting greater accessibility for those seeking to find potential business ideas.


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Pros and Cons


Profitable business ideas identification
Data-driven market research
Problem-centric ideas generation
Insights on customers' paid solutions
Precise market insights
Efficient product-market-fit decision-making
Uncovering under-the-radar ideas
Comprehensive documents, SOPs access
Market research guides inclusion
Ease of use interface
Reduces market research efforts
Large data utilization
Scalable business idea opportunities
Supports idea validation process
Insights across numerous niches
Minimizes entrepreneurial guesswork
Access to 50,000+ scalable ideas
Big data powered
Extensive marketplace scraping
Offers undiscovered keywords
Market size scanning
Access to private community
Refreshed raw data monthly
Facilitates trend spotting
User-friendly UI
Quick idea validation
Micro SaaS ideas finding
Reveals market-tested ideas
Opportunity manual curation
Promotes blue ocean ideas
Multiple idea sources


Potentially oversaturated ideas
Requires external validation
Dependent on scraped data
Limited data sources
Manually curated opportunities
Dependent on marketplace data
Not suitable for broad markets
No realtime data updates
Interface may not suit users


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How many startup ideas can I get from Exploding Insights?
Does Exploding Insights help in making decisions about product-market-fit?
How can Exploding Insights help me build a business with confidence?
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Can Exploding Insights help me find undiscovered keywords?
How does Exploding Insights eliminate guesswork?
What is Exploding Insights' approach to data curation?
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Does Exploding Insights have a community for brainstorming and partnership?

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