Youtube video Q&A 2023-01-01
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AIAbout is an AI powered search tool that allows users to search for answers directly within thousands of YouTube videos. It is free-of-cost, easy-to-navigate and fast.

Using the tool is simple. Users can type in a question or moment they are looking for and can filter results by selecting multiple channels for more specific answers.

Results are returned from the selected entities. Additionally, users can click the time-stamp button to sail through the web directly to the exact moment of the video.

It is important to note that results will only be sourced from people available in the index, which includes an abundance of popular creators, podcasts and influential people in technology, with more added every week.


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Explore AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Easy navigation
Fast search
Direct within-video search
Channel selection capability
Time-stamp button
Search by question or moment
Indexed popular creators
Continuous index update
Influential technology people in index
Podcasts in index
Exact moment video access
User-friendly interface


Limited index source
No YouTube account integration
Timestamp only navigation
Filters limited to channels
No playlist search
No caption translation
No search history feature
Lacks user-generated content inclusion
No custom time stamp input
Unclear update frequency


What is Explore AIAbout?
How can I use Explore AIAbout to search within YouTube videos?
Do I need to pay any fees to use Explore AIAbout?
Which creators, podcasts or influential people in technology are included in Explore AIAbout's index?
Is there a limit to the number of channels I can select when using Explore AIAbout?
Can I search for specific moments in a YouTube video using Explore AIAbout?
How does the time-stamp feature of Explore AIAbout work?
How fast does Explore AIAbout return search results?
Can I use Explore AIAbout if I'm searching for answers within videos of non popular creators?
Is Explore AIAbout's search tool easy to navigate?
Is Explore AIAbout adding more creators, podcasts and technology influencers to its index?
How can I utilize the filter feature in Explore AIAbout?
Where can I view the full list of people included in Explore AIAbout's Index?
Can I use Explore AIAbout to search for answers from multiple YouTube channels at once?
How can I navigate to a specific part of a YouTube video using Explore AIAbout?
Does Explore AIAbout work with all YouTube channels or only the ones listed in its index?
What topics does Explore AIAbout cover in its search within YouTube videos?
How specific or general should I be when entering a question in Explore AIAbout?
Can I navigate directly to a specific time in a YouTube video using Explore AIAbout?
Does Explore AIAbout keep updating its index with new creators and influencers?

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