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Transformed social media platform for YouTube creators.
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Extractify is an AI-powered tool designed to help YouTube creators expand their reach and grow their following on multiple platforms. It simplifies the process of generating content for Twitter and LinkedIn, allowing creators to focus on creating great content without having to worry about content creation for other platforms.

Extractify ensures that all content generated matches the creator’s unique voice, allowing them to tap into a new audience and amplify their content. The tool is easy to use and requires just a few clicks to get started.

It is free to try and can be used to help YouTube creators maximize their potential on other social media platforms.


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Extractify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Expands YouTube creators' reach
Generates Twitter and LinkedIn content
Matches creator's unique voice
Easy to use
Free trial version
Multi-platform content amplification
Helps in audience growth
Simplifies content generation
Few clicks operation
Potential tap for new audiences
Reduces generic content
Facilitates cross-platform reach


No Facebook support
No Instagram support
Only for YouTube creators
Non-customizable content generation
Limited to Twitter, LinkedIn
No user-content editing option
May alter creator's original message
No bulk video processing


What is Extractify?
How can Extractify help YouTube creators?
Can Extractify generate posts for both Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously?
How does Extractify ensure that the generated content matches the YouTube creator's unique voice?
Is Extractify easy to use?
What steps are needed to start using Extractify?
Is Extractify free to try?
Does Extractify help YouTube creators to tap into new audiences on other platforms?
How can Extractify help video creators expand their following on multiple social media platforms?
Does Extractify convert YouTube videos into tweets and LinkedIn posts?
Can Extractify help me concentrate on creating YouTube content?
How does Extractify amplify my content?
Can Extractify attract more followers for me?
Where can I try the free version of Extractify?
Do I need any prior understanding or skills to use Extractify?
Does Extractify support any other social media platforms apart from Twitter and LinkedIn?
Can Extractify help in growing my audience across multiple platforms?
How does Extractify interface look?
How is Extractify different from other similar AI tools?
In what ways can Extractify enhance my content creation process?

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