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Customizable images generated from text prompts.
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Eye for AI is an AI tools and templates platform for creating images from text in under a minute. The platform includes a visual 'promptbuilder' that enables users to craft complex prompts easily.

It also has a feature called 'Reusable Templates' that allows users to save their favorite prompts as templates for efficient image generation workflows.

Eye for AI's tools and templates can be used to generate stylized portraits, illustrations, long-shot photography, concept art, and cute isometric rooms.

The platform also has a 'Wall' feature which showcases the latest creations from its users. The AI-powered platform enables users to train its AI on their images and create images based on prompts such as 'Build a robot with pieces of a computer', 'Make a futuristic hacker robot face' and 'A woman on a vespa'.

Eye for AI's capabilities are further enhanced with 'descriptors' such as 'Oil on canvas. Vector art' and 'Number of inference steps', which allows users to adjust the AI's generated output to meet their needs.

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Pros and Cons


Customizable image generation
Visual 'promptbuilder'
Reusable Templates feature
Generates various art styles
User showcase with 'Wall'
Descriptive prompts like 'oil on canvas'
Free registration
User-friendly interfaces
Fast image generation


Limited style options
Time-consuming promptbuilder
No multi-language support
Cannot edit 'Reusable Templates'
Unpredictable results
Lack of guidance scale details
No mobile app
No collaborative features
No vector output


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