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Real-time voice dubbing for video and livestreams.
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EzDubs is an AI tool designed to break down language barriers in videos and livestreams. It offers real-time AI dubbing with voice preservation, enabling viewers from multiple demographics to engage with content in their native language.

The tool supports a wide range of source and target languages, including English, Catalan, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Russian.EzDubs operates across various content platforms including YouTube, Twitter, and CNN, and offers fully automated, on-demand video translation across the internet.

The translated videos are available in seconds, play in-place, and retain the voice of the original speaker. Additionally, EzDubs can automatically translate webinars and livestreams in real-time, in your voice, and allows foreign language speakers to attend and engage with the event at the same time as the rest of the world.

It supports various livestreaming platforms, including Zoom, BlueJeans, and Teams.EzDubs offers various integration options, including a Twitter bot, iOS shortcut, and Chrome extension, enabling users to easily access its features.

It does not provide any specific details on pricing or access, but interested users can request early access by submitting their names and email addresses via the website or by reaching out to [email protected].

Overall, EzDubs is a useful AI tool designed to improve the accessibility of content across different languages and demographics.


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Mar 13, 2024
Only <10 min videos.

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Pros and Cons


Real-time video dubbing
Preserves original voice
Supports multiple languages
Supports various content platforms
On-demand video translation
In-place video play
Real-time webinar translation
Wide livestreaming platform support
Can dub live streams
Translate in user's voice
Allows same time engagement
Various integration options
Twitter bot for ease
iOS shortcut available
Chrome extension available
Supports major world languages
Integration with social media
Video available in seconds
Useful for international audiences
Improves content accessibility
Support for Indian languages
Can dub YouTube videos
Can dub Twitter videos
Compatible with Zoom
Compatible with BlueJeans
Compatible with Teams
Unlock international audiences
Automated translation process
Can translate CNN content


No pricing details
No Android support
No transcript generation
Requires internet for real-time
Limited livestreaming platforms support
No offline variant
Could have translation inaccuracies
No API for integration
No customer support details
Waitlist for access


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How can I access EzDubs?
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Does EzDubs function with Zoom, BlueJeans, and Teams?
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Can EzDubs be used for content on YouTube and CNN?
How does EzDubs aid in breaking down language barriers in videos and livestreams?
How does EzDubs improve accessibility of content across different languages and demographics?


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