Email writing 24 Feb 2023

Generated by GPT-3

EzMail.AI is an advanced AI tool that allows users to quickly and easily generate email drafts in their own unique style. The tool uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the user's writing style and tone of voice and then pre-fills responses as if they were written by the user.

This saves users time by requiring no manual setup and no Chrome extension.The tool works on both mobile and desktop devices and can be accessed by signing in with your Gmail account.

Once signed in, drafts will automatically appear in your inbox ready to go. The AI also provides a smart email conversation recap that summarizes the entire conversation.EzMail.AI is designed to help users quickly and easily reply to emails 10x faster than usual, while still keeping their personalized style and tone of voice.

By using this tool, users can save time and effort in their email drafting process.


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