SQL queries 15 Feb 2023
A user-friendly database interface to explore data.

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Outerbase is a comprehensive database interface that enables users to easily explore and collaborate on data without writing any SQL. It features an intuitive UI and powerful features such as in-line editing, blocks of SQL queries, and the ability to share queries with the rest of the team.

Outerbase works with the most popular databases, including Postgres, MySQL, Redshift, Snowflake, SQLite, Microsoft SQL, and BigQuery, and can be downloaded as an app for Mac.

It also features a GPT-3 Generated chart and dashboard generator, customizable chart types, and embeddable charts. Additionally, Outerbase is backed by Y Combinator and offers a free sign-up and demo.

With Outerbase, users can quickly and easily create, edit, save, and visualize data-driven decisions with ease.


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