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Enhance sales outreach with personalized cold emails.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered sales tool designed to streamline and enhance the process of cold email outreach. Using advanced algorithms, this tool generates hyper-personalized cold emails that are customized for each prospect in just seconds.

By analyzing the websites and social media profiles of your prospects, is able to create highly personalized email content that surpasses what a human could produce.The tool operates in three simple steps.

First, you can upload your prospects' information using a CSV file or manually input their full names and company names. Then, with a single click, the AI analyzes the data and crafts tailored emails for each prospect.

Finally, you can send the emails directly from the application or export them to your CRM.To demonstrate its effectiveness, provides examples of personalized emails generated by their AI.

These examples showcase different types of personalizations based on factors such as tweets, LinkedIn profiles, and company information.Additionally, offers other features to support your sales outreach efforts.

You can find leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and export them to a CSV file using the tool's Chrome extension. Furthermore, you have the ability to easily find contact details such as work email, personal email, phone numbers, and social media links.Overall, aims to optimize cold email campaigns by automating the personalization process and delivering higher response rates compared to manual efforts.

It provides a time and effort-saving solution for B2B sales professionals looking to enhance their outreach strategies.


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