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Collaboration platform for design teams.
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Fabrie is an online collaboration platform that provides a shared space for team collaboration and design. The platform is designed to bring virtual whiteboarding to a digital experience, making it easy for teams to brainstorm ideas and share them in real-time.

With Fabrie, users can document research, create mind maps, flowcharts, drawings, sticky notes, and insights, all in one place. The tool enables teams to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, even asynchronously.

Fabrie is particularly useful for designers, as it allows them to organize and manage design files, view drawings on the go, create mood boards, and share design iterations with clients.

The platform comes with a number of design templates that can be modified and saved for later use. One of the unique features of Fabrie is its use of infinite canvas that can meet tables, enabling design thinking and making all in one place.

The platform also includes a user-friendly database that allows teams to manage materials and link items on the board without coding. Additionally, Fabrie comes with a web clipper and a desktop app, making it easy for users to access the tool from different devices.

Overall, Fabrie is an essential tool for designers looking for a flexible and collaborative space to explore bold ideas and streamline their design process.


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