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Artistic style image generator.
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FaceShape Studio is an AI-powered tool that allows users to generate images of themselves in various artistic styles. By uploading a selfie and selecting a prompt that captures their imagination, users can transform their photos into unique, personalized art pieces.

The tool offers a diverse array of styles to choose from, including impressionist, pop art, stained glass, photoreal, clay style, game graphics, cyberpunk, and many more.To ensure the best results, users are advised to select a photo with a clear view of their face, looking at the camera with a neutral expression.

The generated images can range from photorealistic to cyberpunk, providing users with a wide range of creative possibilities. As a beta feature, FaceShape Studio encourages user feedback to improve and enhance the tool.

Each suggestion and idea shared by users contributes to refining the AI model. Furthermore, detailed prompts are recommended for better results, allowing users to specify desired attributes such as long hair for a woman or a landscape with mountains and a lake.FaceShape Studio aims to redefine the way users look at photos, allowing them to embark on an artistic journey unlike any other.

By transforming selfies into stunning works of art, this tool enables users to explore and create personalized art pieces that speak to their style.


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Dec 24, 2023
very usefull tool, you can choose between various styles , quick results ( 4 results at a time )

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