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Collaborative AI image generator and editor for professionals.
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Facet is an AI image generation and editing platform intended for professional use in creative fields. It is designed to provide real-time, intuitive control over the generation process, thereby providing a powerful tool for creatives while maintaining a level of artistic control.

Facet's functionality allows users to specifically control the placement of elements within an image, an imperative feature for detailed and controlled creative work.

It features a system to manage and minimize complexity of image prompts, simplifying the fluidity and efficacy of the creative process. This supports the addition of not just textual, but also image references to prompts, enabling rapid adherence to specific subject and stylistic visions.

Facet also presents the unique offer of customized AI models. Users can train these models with their own images, generating consistent and personalized assets in an efficient manner.

A central aspect of Facet is its focus on collaborative work. It provides a shared canvas offering teams the capability to build, edit, and expand on collective ideas.

This offers a dynamic and interactive platform for team-oriented creative ventures. Pricing and plans vary according to needs and offer a range of perks including, but not limited to, private image generation, real-time generation, content-aware image editing, and high-resolution image generation.

Facet was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Professional tool
Real-time control
Image prompt management
Complexity reduction
Stylistic control
Personalized assets generation
Collaborative work support
Shared canvas for teams
Simplified prompt creation
Image reference prompts
Auto-enhanced image prompts
Training with own images
Fast automated image generation
Precise image editing
Multitask image editing
Streamlined team collaboration
Explore community styles
Custom styles creation and sharing
Clothing, hair, and objects adjustment
Auto-masking feature
Private image generation
Content-aware image editing
Real-time generation
High-resolution image generation
Browser-based access
Commercial image licensing
Real-time multiplayer
Team invites and sharing permissions
Advanced collaboration features
Variety of pricing plans
Spatial arrangement of elements
Image styles customization
Idle session timeouts
Enhanced privacy and network restrictions
Generative audits and secure model storage
White-glove onboarding and training
Early access to new features
Facet community engagement
Unsplash collaboration
Curation of image collections
Supports detailed creative work
Variance feature for more variations
Unlimited, high priority image generation
Highest priority dedicated GPUs
Advanced generation controls
Unified admin and billing
Generative Canvas features


No offline capabilities
Limited prompt simplification
Variable pricing model
Limited to professional use
Requires internet for real-time edits
Possible idle session timeouts
Depends on continuous model storage
No explicit data privacy commitment
Limited styles in artist community


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