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DJ music creation and remixing platform.
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Fadr is a web platform called AI Music Maker that offers a variety of AI music tools. Users can access features such as an AI-powered vocal remover, song splitter, key/tempo/chords detector, remix maker, mashup maker, and DJ controller.

The platform allows users to upload their favorite songs and transform them into something new. The notable aspect of Fadr is that 95% of its services are available for free with unlimited usage.Fadr's AI capabilities enable the removal of vocals, instruments, and MIDI from songs.

Additionally, it can detect the song's tempo, key, and chord progression. Users can also create stems, remixes, and DJ sets with their own songs, and Fadr's AI assists in the synchronization process, leaving creative decisions to the user.The platform provides real-time audio previews, with the ability to solo and mute specific instruments.

Users can choose from various genres like R&B, Rock, Rap, Pop, and House to experiment with their music. Fadr offers unlimited access to stems, MIDI, and remixes directly in the browser.While the majority of Fadr's services are free, there is an option to upgrade to an unlimited plus plan for additional features.

This includes advanced functionality like drum separation, the Fadr Stems VST plugin, high-quality audio downloads in lossless WAV format, unlimited storage access, the ability to create concurrent stems, and track downloads from remixes.Fadr is created by Pebble and is designed to facilitate music production with powerful AI tools, empowering users to explore new possibilities in their music-making process.


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Fadr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free unlimited usage
Vocal remover tool
Song Splitter tool
Key/Tempo/Chords detector
Remix-making capabilities
Mashup-creation feature
DJ controller
Ability to upload music
Detects song's tempo
Detects key and chords
Can create song stems
Real-time audio previews
Instrument solo and mute
Variety of music genres
Unlimited access to stems
Unlimited access to MIDI
Browser-based remixes
Option for unlimited plus plan
Advanced drum separation
Fadr Stems VST plugin
High-quality WAV downloads
Unlimited storage access
Concurrent stems creation
Track downloads from remixes


No offline mode
Requires sign-up for usage
No mobile application
Limited features in free mode
Advanced functionality is paid
No multiplatform support
Not open-source
No community support
Limited genre options


What is Fadr?
How does Fadr's AI technology assist in music creation?
What tools does Fadr offer for music remixing?
Does Fadr allow for real-time audio previews during the creation process?
Are all of Fadr's services free of charge?
If not all services are free, what is included in Fadr's unlimited plus plan?
What significant features are unveiled in the Fadr Stems VST plugin?
Does Fadr allow users to extract vocals, instruments, and MIDI from any song?
Can Fadr identify the key, tempo, and chords of a song?
Is there a genre limit for music creation using Fadr?
How does Fadr facilitate music synchronization?
Does Fadr provide high-quality audio downloads in lossless WAV format?
Can I create concurrent stems using Fadr?
Who created Fadr and why?
Is there a limit to the number of songs I can remix or mashup using Fadr?
How can Fadr help with individual drum separation?
What types of songs can I upload to Fadr for remixing or for creating something new?
Can I mute or solo specific instruments when using Fadr?
What does unlimited storage access on Fadr entail?
Can I download individual tracks from my remixes on Fadr?


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