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Audio clip generation of celebrity/cartoon voices.
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FakeYou is a text to speech application designed to create realistic audio clips of celebrity and cartoon characters. It uses deep fake technology to generate audio clips of user-specified voices.

The application provides users with a library of over 2979 voices and filters to select voices by language and category. After selecting a voice, the user input is processed to generate the audio clip.

The session results can be previewed before downloading the clip. FakeYou also has a community feature which allows users to upload audio clips, generate a leaderboard, and view a feed of the latest audio clips.

The application also provides users with an API and a developers page for integrating FakeYou with other projects and applications. In addition, FakeYou has a pricing page for users to choose a plan that meets their needs.


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FakeYou was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


2979 voice options
Voice filtering by language
Audio clip preview
Community-uploaded audio clips
Voice leaderboard
New clip feed
API and developer support
Different pricing plans
Celebrity and cartoon voices
Deep fake voice generation
Integrated developer page
User-generated voice rating
Session-based results
Text to speech feature
Linked social media channels
Voice category filtering
Built-in Discord community
User contribution options
Voice clone feature
Speech rate adjustment
Crowdsourced voice data
Real-time TTS queue monitor
Comprehensive user guide
Sounds and voice rating
Protective privacy policy
Stringent term of use
Detailed voice information
Multiple language support
Multiple category options
Detailed API documentation


Deepfake technology limits
2979 voice limit
Potential copyright issues
Lacks diverse language options
Requires JavaScript
Only verbal communication
No in-app editing
Community dependent
Hidden pricing model
API integration needed


What does FakeYou do?
How does FakeYou's deepfake technology work?
How many voices does FakeYou offer?
What makes FakeYou different from other text to speech softwares?
How can I select a specific voice on FakeYou?
What is the process to generate an audio clip on FakeYou?
Can I preview the audio clip before downloading?
What is the community feature in FakeYou?
Can I integrate FakeYou with my own project or application?
What are the pricing options for FakeYou?
How reliable is the voice clone feature of FakeYou?
How do I upload audio clips on FakeYou?
How is the leaderboard generated in the FakeYou community?
What is the purpose of the developers page on FakeYou?
What sort of filters can I use to select voices on FakeYou?
Can I view the feed of latest audio clips in FakeYou?
Can I use FakeYou to make audio clips of any cartoon or celebrity voice?
Is there a guide provided by FakeYou on how to use the platform?
What languages do the voices on FakeYou support?
What is the FakeYou API used for?


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