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Automates note-taking and summarization during meetings.
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Fathom is a powerful AI meeting assistant that automates the tedious task of taking notes and summarizing meetings. It works with Zoom calls to record, transcribe, highlight and summarize conversations.

Fathom also automatically generates and syncs call notes to your CRM. Highlights from conversations can be shared with colleagues via Slack. Fathom is available in seven languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

It is easy to set up and use – all you need to do is click to highlight a portion of the call and Fathom will magically summarize what was spoken. Furthermore, all recordings are 100% private and secure, with end-to-end encryption, robust monitoring and regular 3rd party penetration testing.

Fathom is free for personal use and will soon be offering team-centric functionality.


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Fathom 2.0 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates note-taking
Summarizes meetings
Works with Zoom
Instant access to transcripts
Automatically syncs notes to CRM
Sharing highlights via Slack
Supports seven languages
Easy setup
Click to highlight functionality
Ensures privacy with encryption
Robust monitoring
Regular 3rd party penetration testing
Free for personal use
Team-centric functionality
Promotes active listening
Minimizes manual data entry
Creates shareable clips
Saves time
Auto-generated summaries
Compatible with Google Docs
Compatible with Gmail
CRM integration
Instant transcript availability
One click highlighting
Conducted SOC2 Type 2 audit
Zoom Apps Launch Partner
Integrates with Salesforce
Integrates with Hubspot
Integrates with Notion
Integrates with Asana
Integrates with Todoist
Records for attendee benefit
Option to pause recording


Only works with Zoom
Requires CRM for full functionality
No standalone functionality
Limited language supports
Doesn't allow pause during recording
Summarization accuracy unclear
Third-party integrations limited
Potential privacy concern for attendees
Only integrates with specific CRMs
Team functionality not yet available


What is Fathom 2.0?
What features does Fathom 2.0 offer for meetings?
Does Fathom 2.0 work with Zoom only?
How does Fathom 2.0 automate note-taking during meetings?
How does Fathom 2.0 summarize a meeting's content?
Can Fathom 2.0 share highlights to Slack?
In what languages is Fathom 2.0 available?
How secure is using Fathom 2.0?
Is Fathom 2.0 free to use?
What does the team-centric functionality in Fathom 2.0 do?
Can Fathom 2.0 sync call notes to my CRM?
How can Fathom 2.0 increase my productivity?
How to get started with Fathom 2.0?
Can I integrate Fathom with other productivity tools?
How does Fathom 2.0 handle privacy and data security?
What happens to my data after a call ends in Fathom 2.0?
Can Fathom 2.0 transcribe my meetings?
How does Fathom highlight and summarize conversations in calls?
Can Fathom 2.0 be used without having a Zoom client?
How can I share call recordings with Fathom 2.0?

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