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Automated web3 customer support query optimization.
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Faye is a web3 customer support helpdesk tool that offers an innovative approach to customer support workflows. It provides features to automate and scale customer success as businesses grow.

The tool includes a self-learning AI chatbot designed to handle customer queries related to web3 and blockchain technologies. With its smart contract expertise, the chatbot can accurately troubleshoot and provide relevant solutions based on on-chain data.Key features of Faye include the ability to automate ticket responses, supporting a large number of users simultaneously, and continuously improving its response accuracy rate through machine learning.

The tool also offers an intuitive customer support flow to convert troubled users into loyal customers.Faye's proprietary indexing engine allows it to crawl and analyze relevant on-chain transactions for troubleshooting purposes.

It can understand smart contracts and propose solutions based on error messages and training datasets provided by the project. Additionally, the chatbot integrates with ChatGPT 3.5, enabling it to respond to both on-chain and off-chain queries using natural language processing.The tool provides an all-in-one admin dashboard that simplifies task management and allows businesses to configure customer query automation and respond to real-time messages.

It also seamlessly integrates with Discord and websites to reach users through their preferred channels.Faye offers various pricing plans, including a base plan suitable for small web3 projects, a pro plan for scalable personalized support, and an enterprise plan for maximum power and flexibility.

Businesses can start with a 14-day free trial and upgrade to a paid plan when ready.In summary, Faye is an AI-powered web3 customer support helpdesk tool that automates and optimizes customer queries, providing accurate and relevant solutions based on blockchain data and smart contract analysis.


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Faye was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates ticket responses
Supports large user groups
Improves response accuracy rate
Smart contract troubleshooting
On-chain data-based solutions
Integrates with ChatGPT 3.5
All-in-one admin dashboard
Real-time message response
Integration with Discord
Website integration
Various pricing options
14-day free trial
Optimizes customer queries
Proprietary indexing engine
Analyzes on-chain transactions
Chatbot-to-human handoff feature
Automates chatbot responses
Customizable response automation
Converts troubled users
Automate and scale support
Supports multi-channel
Using NLP for responses
Supports understanding of smart contracts


Limited to web3 support
Limited platform integrations
Chatbot accuracy still improving
On-chain troubleshooting limitations
Lacks customer support flexibility
Limited messages per month
Limited number of human agents
No multi-language support
Enterprise plan require custom negotiation
Limited to troubleshooting tasks


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What is the response accuracy rate for Faye?
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