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Social media management and analytics platform.
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Fedica (formerly Tweepsmap) is an all-in-one AI-driven platform for social media analytics, publishing, follower analysis, listening, and community building.

It offers advanced tools for managing and analyzing various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mastodon, and Pinterest.With Fedica, users can schedule and automate their social media content across multiple platforms, leveraging advanced scheduling capabilities such as threaded tweets, polls, and tagged media.

The platform also provides insights into the best times to post for different geographies to optimize user engagement. Additionally, AI-powered features help improve messaging clarity, tone, and grammar.The AI-driven analytics of Fedica enable users to segment their audience, measure engagements, and build relationships with their followers.

By analyzing follower demographics and engagement patterns, businesses can create targeted marketing campaigns and influencer strategies for different user personas.

The platform also allows users to track and measure hashtags, keywords, and post reach to gain demographic-enriched analyses.Fedica's community analysis and building features allow users to map and analyze their followers, identify growth regions, and track brand mentions and affinity.

By understanding their community dynamics and follower demographics, businesses can create unique content and identify new opportunities for business growth.Furthermore, Fedica provides advanced listening capabilities to track brand mentions, identify leads, and measure reach.

Users can receive email alerts for brand mentions and keyword notifications, enabling them to stay up-to-date and make informed content decisions.In summary, Fedica is an AI-driven platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools for social media management, analytics, and community building across multiple platforms, helping businesses optimize their social media presence and engagement.


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Fedica was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 12th 2023.
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