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Simple TODOs from long customer feedbacks
Generated by ChatGPT

FeedMonky.com generates simple TODOs from long customer feedback. It is powered by cutting edge fine-tuned LLM.

Feed Monky was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 7th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Automates feedback analysis
Efficiently categorizes feedback
Creates precise summaries
Quick customer needs understanding
Facilitates faster feature development
Improves product development efficiency
Offers different pricing plans
Continuous improvements
24/7 customer service
Suitable for small businesses
Suitable for growing businesses
First 20 summaries free
User-friendly interface
Technologically simplifies processes


No built-in translation
No integration with CRM tools
No sentiment analysis
Not suitable for large businesses
Cost per summaries after 20
Limited feedback handling
No mobile application
Doesn't support multichannel feedback


What is the primary function of Feed Monky?
How does the AI automation in Feed Monky work?
Can Feed Monky automatically categorize feedback?
How does Feed Monky help in understanding customers' needs?
How does Feed Monky contribute to the efficiency of product development cycles?
What are the different pricing plans for Feed Monky?
Is there a free plan available on Feed Monky?
What support services does Feed Monky provide?
How user-friendly is Feed Monky?
Does Feed Monky offer any features for simplifying processes?
How does Feed Monky help in improving product improvement?
Can Feed Monky be used by small businesses?
How does Feed Monky help in analyzing feedback?
Which AI technologies does Feed Monky leverage?
What improvements are continually made in Feed Monky?
Does Feed Monky offer any features to help understand customers quickly?
How can Feed Monky help in shipping features faster?
Can Feed Monky summarize feedback automatically?
Are there any limitations in the Starter plan of Feed Monky?
What does the Pro plan of Feed Monky offer?

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