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Schedule and manage social media with suggestions.
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The Smart Content Scheduler tool by FeedIQ is an AI-powered social media content scheduling platform that allows users to build an engaged community on Twitter and Mastodon effortlessly.

The tool enables users to define their content strategy using slots and topics and leverage AI to suggest high-quality content ideas. With the ability to manage multiple social media accounts in one place, the tool allows users to schedule their content with ease and create engaging posts with polls, media editor, symbol tools, and AI optimization.

The Smart Content Scheduler tool provides users with a user-friendly text editor and media uploader that leverages AI to suggest ideas for high-quality content creation.

It also enables effortless management of social media profiles on multiple platforms, including Twitter and Mastodon. With an easy-to-use visual queue tool, users can view and schedule their content visually, without any complexities.In addition to content creation and scheduling, the Smart Content Scheduler offers analytic tools to track users' progress and refine their content strategy to achieve the optimum result.

The tool is continuously developed based on user feedback, ensuring an ever-evolving and improved user experience. The Smart Content Scheduler tool is available in three pricing plans - a free plan with limited features, a starter plan with enhanced functionality, and a growth plan that provides unlimited access to all features.

While presently available on Twitter and Mastodon, more social media platforms will be integrated into the tool in the future.


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Pros and Cons


Schedules social media posts
Content strategy builder
Suggests high-quality content ideas
Manages multiple accounts
Creates engaging posts
Poll, media editor, symbol tools
Text editor and media uploader
Manages multiple social platforms
Visual queue tool
Content Analytics
Continuously improving based on feedback
Three pricing plans
Plans to integrate more platforms
Audience building
Queue and topic tools
Community engagement booster
No extra cost for multiple accounts
Visual content scheduling
Avoids blank page syndrome
Metrics for strategy improvement
Flexible evolving tool
Affordable plans
Watermark-free media editing on Growth plan
Auto retweet function


Limited platform integration
Requires separate pricing plans
Limited features for free plan
Only supports Twitter and Mastodon
Limit on social accounts
Limit on scheduled posts


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Does FeedIQ provide any analytics tools?
How often is FeedIQ developed and updated?
How many pricing plans does FeedIQ have?
Which social media platforms does FeedIQ presently support?
What features does FeedIQ's text editor provide?
How does FeedIQ's AI optimize my posts?
Can I create polls and media posts using FeedIQ?
Which social media platforms does FeedIQ plan to add in the future?
Can I use FeedIQ to manage my Twitter and Mastodon profiles?
What do I get with FeedIQ's growth plan?
Is FeedIQ's user interface user-friendly?
Where can I get help or support for using FeedIQ?
Can I get FeedIQ for free?
How does FeedIQ help to increase my community engagement?
What kind of content can I create with FeedIQ's media editor tool?

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