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Extract crucial insights from thousands of app reviews
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FeedLens is an AI-powered App Review Management platform designed for teams that prioritize customer feedback. The platform extracts critical insights from numerous app reviews and is capable of providing automatic and contextually relevant responses to these reviews.

The tool allows for essential app review summaries of any listed competitors. It also integrates with standard ticketing tools like Freshdesk and Slack to streamline workflow.With the ability to analyze app feedback, the tool offers a summary of the entire user feedback within minutes, keeping the team updated on user's needs.

FeedLens also harnesses AI to engage with each review, ensuring user satisfaction with quick and effective responses. The AI-powered chatbot can be custom trained on app reviews, enabling developers to get answers to product-related questions from users.Furthermore, FeedLens provides comprehensive review analytics through its pre-built and easy-to-use charts, allowing users to filter, export, and analyze data intuitively.

A range of premium features are offered with various levels of access depending on the plan chosen. These features are designed to suit the needs of independent developers to fast-growing companies.


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FeedLens was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic responses to reviews
Contextually relevant replies
Integrated with Freshdesk, Slack
Quick summarisation of feedback
Competitor app review summaries
Custom-training for chatbot
Allows user-engagement
Comprehensive review analytics
Intuitive data export
Premium features available
Variety of access levels
Supports multiple users
Supports multiple apps
Basic to advanced analytics
Transparent pricing
Supported scheduled reports
Supports integration with other tools
7-days free trial
Multiple pricing plans
Secure data management
ISO 27001 compliance procedure
Supplementary tutorials available
Efficient support system
Ease of setup
User feedback analysis
Chat with user feedback
Automate workflows (with SLA)
Detailed features per workspace
Flexible workspace allowances
Individual refund evaluations


Limit on competitor tracking
Limited number of apps
Limited number of users
Basic analytics for free trial and Indie Plan
No API provided
Pricing can get expensive
No automated refund process


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Does FeedLens offer a free trial and what does it include?
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Does FeedLens automatically respond to reviews?
Does FeedLens support integrations with other platforms?
Can FeedLens export the review analytics data?
How can I get in touch with the team behind FeedLens?
How does FeedLens ensure user satisfaction in responding to reviews?
What is the role of AI in FeedLens's review management?
Does FeedLens offer any premium features and what are they?
How are customer reviews used by FeedLens for product insights?

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