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Felvin is a platform for ideation, building, and monetizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled applications without the need of coding knowledge. It enables users to design, develop, and monetize high-quality custom apps quickly and easily.

Felvin significantly simplifies the app development process by providing options for defining fields and inputs from users, adding calculations that the AI will execute based on the provided information, and establishing the logic and prompt to be actioned upon by the Felvin AI.The platform also provides ready-made templates to accelerate the build process.

They have diverse application categories, such as 'Image Masking', 'Textify', 'Styled Image', and 'Word Paint', which include specific tasks like face replacement in images, attractive text creation for social media posts, artistic image generation, and manipulation of photos with effects like colorization, retro style, and noise removal.Felvin promotes itself as a secure environment, with user data and creations being protected.

It is also a no-code AI marketplace, meaning users can either choose to use existing app templates or build a custom app. Despite its no-coding-needed approach, Felvin still offers powerful tools for creating intricate and useful applications.


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Felvin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
App monetization opportunities
User data privacy
Image Masking capabilities
Artistic image generation
Text creation tools
Ready-made app templates
Custom application creation
Graphic editing functionality
Clear logic and prompt definition
Ideation friendly
Quick build and launch
Variety of application categories
Supports intricate app creation
High-quality custom apps
Images for social media
User-friendly platform
Diverse task handling
Multi-Platform community access
In-built tools for modifications
Colorization and retro effects
Noise removal in images
Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube integration
User content protection
Secure app creation environment
Enables creation of memes, tattoos
Image face replacement feature
Attractive social media content creation
Unique app creation from prompts
Inputs and fields defining
Creative avatar generation
DreamCatcher, Pixel Art, Pop Art functions
Tinder Bio, Recipe Creator functions
Retro Image, Fujifilm Shot features
De-Blur and Black & White effects
Meme and Cover Art creation
Free start for building
Compact and effective key-tagging
Provides User prompt actions
Customizable user data inputs
LinkedIn post, tweet creator
Cold email Generator
Cater to diverse user preferences
Easy-to-follow tutorials
Community engagement through Discord


No collaboration feature
Template-based, limited customization
No programmer interface
Lacks detailed documentation
No APIs for integration
Can't run offline
Limited artistic tools
Undefined data ownership
Not suitable for complex apps

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