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Unleash your creativity with Fermat.
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Fermat is a game-changing AI tool designed to revolutionize the fashion industry. It enables users to ideate, design, and present fashion designs at an accelerated pace, greatly enhancing their creative workflow.

Fermat is also a collaborative whiteboard that empowers designers to convert their ideas into realistic visuals. User can convert their hand-made sketches into reality by obtaining high-quality renders with one click.

The tool encourages designers to apply their unique style using visual references to maintain coherence in their collections or to revamp their best-sellers.

A significant provided feature is the ability to alter the vibes, materials, and colors of fashion pieces within seconds. It also offers the ability to visualize an outfit on different models and adjust settings as needed.

Fermat also allows for high-resolution upscaling to enhance crafted designs and provides the option to turn designs into editable vector formats. It's a vital tool that enables fashion creators to turn their ideas into tangible prototypes, aids in visual expression of ideas, and promotes effective collaboration among teams.

It is trusted and utilized by various established companies and freelance fashion consultants.

Fermat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Collaborative platform
Tutorials available
Community connection
Individual workspaces
Teams and Enterprise options
Priority support
Custom integrations
Specific toolsets for brainstorming
Specific toolsets for filmmaking
Specific toolsets for concept art
Specific toolsets for content creation
Specific toolsets for writing
Own personal toolbox
Guest collaborators
Building own tools feature
+100 tools and templates
Fast ideation sessions
Real-time writing insights
Time saving features
Unique visual representation generator
Early access to new tools
Team workspaces
Unlimited collaborators
Shared folders across team
Tooling support
Private folders for teams
Free plan available
Professional plan options
Reference resources
Platform's capabilities are 'mindblowing'
Helps professionals to #BulidInPublic
Coming soon features
Hypercard-esque work exploration
Product designer testimonies
Business plan options


Unclear technical specifications
No standalone application
Lack of content export options
No multi-language support
Lack of offline functionality
Undefined user data policy
Unknown tool compatibility


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