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Summarized files in various formats and languages.
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File ChatAI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to understand, analyze, and summarize various types of files including audio, video, documents (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and PDFs in any language.

With this tool, users can ask questions and receive real-time answers based on the content of their files.For audio and video files, File ChatAI offers transcription services, allowing users to search, analyze, summarize, and ask questions about the transcribed text.

It is particularly useful for podcasts, audiobooks, journalist interviews, recorded meetings, and more.The tool can also read and understand document formats like docx, xlsx, pptx, csv, and PDF, enabling users to chat with financial reports, business plans, academic papers, and other text-based files.

It even supports scanned documents and handwritten notes, including deciphering doctors' handwriting.One of the standout features of File ChatAI is its support for over 100 languages and dialects, enabling users to overcome language barriers by simply uploading a file or pasting a YouTube link.The tool has received positive reviews from users who praise its efficiency and ease of use.

It is regarded as a valuable asset for quick information extraction from extensive content, enhancing research efficiency, and increasing productivity.File ChatAI offers various pricing plans, including a free version with limited features and paid plans that provide unlimited file uploads, larger file size limits, faster processing times, conversation history, and prioritized feature requests.Data security is a priority, with File ChatAI built on the Scale to Zero AWS kit, following best practices for data storage and utilizing the Open AI API for training models and interacting with user files.


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File ChatAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 16th 2023.
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